Sequoia National Park

This enlarged map shows Grant Grove, Giant
Forest, Montecito-Sequoia Lodge, Stony Creek
Lodge, Wuksachi Village, Lodgepole Village,
Wolverton, Crystal Cave and Mineral King areas.
Rushing waters, beautiful panoramic views,
backcountry trails, abundant wildlife, an
opportunity to explore caves and much more
awaits you in Sequoia National Park.
Camping, fishing, horseback riding, hiking,
white water rafting, cross country skiing
and some of the tallest trees in the world
are here for your to enjoy during your visit.
A variety of accommodations are available in
the park and the communities just outside the
magnificent marvel of nature!

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Sequoia National Park Area Map
Giant Forest Village Mineral King Pacific Crest Trail Three Rivers Grant Grove Pinehurst Lodge Badger Montecito-Sequoia Lodge Stony Creek Lodge Wuksachi Village Lodgepole Village Wolverton Ski Area Lemon Cove Woodlake Foothill Visitor Center Golden Trout Wilderness Crystal Cave