Hot Creek Offers You
Fly Fishing and Natural Warm Springs

Hot Creek

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Hot Creek is open daily from sunrise to sunset. The ground can be very unstable and you must stay on the sidewalk for your own safety. Dogs must be leased and please keep on eye on young children. Glass containers are not allowed. Soap and shampoo pollute the water and are not allowed. Remember to pack out what you bring in. Earthquakes are common in this area and can cause drastic changes in the underground plumbing. During the earthquake swarms in the 1980s, there were sudden geyser eruptions at Hot Creek, overnight appearances of new hot springs and changes in creek bed, shoreline and water temperature. It is suggested to stay out of the water after such an event.

Hot Creek is designated as an official Wild Trout Stream. It is a very popular area for fly fishing. Only naturally reproducing trout exist in the stream. A tiny mosquito eating fish, called Gambusia, can be seen in areas where the water is very warm. You'll also see the Owens Sucker and Tui Chub.