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You need it? We got it! If you forgot the mayonnaise or the sunscreen or warm socks or film for the camera, weíre here to help. We have food, snacks, camping and backpacking supplies, souvenirs, ice, flashlight batteries, hats, milk, and so on. One thing we donít have, though, is alcohol; our permit specifically forbids it. For beer and wine, youíll have to drive down to Mono Hot Springs. The store is where you buy your ferry tickets, rent a boat, and get advice about the area. Are the kids bored? We have books. Is Dad bored? We have toys. Is Mom bored? We have chocolate. Postcards, baseball caps, coffee mugs and T-shirts will satisfy the souvenir craving that afflicts those who must have tangible proof of where theyíve been. Itís a nice place to spend a few minutes and/or a few dollars. So many choices! It can make you crazy. If thereís one thing we have plenty of, itís camping space. If you want to drive to your camp spot, thereís the 50-unit-plus Jackass Meadow Campground. The campsites have paved parking and are complete with tables and fire pits.
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Restrooms are centrally located. A specially-built boardwalk woods and meadow nearby. The campground is right near the river, and borders on the big beautiful meadow. Currently, the fee is $12 per night for up to six people. Reservations for the Jackass Meadow Campground are recommended. Make them by calling 1-800 280-CAMP (2267) Also, you can contact them by FAX at 1-301 722-9802.

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